Divine Dialogue is a “how to” book.   It is written both as an introduction to the phenomenon of Automatic Writing, and gives instructions as to how the reader can develop this skill for his or herself.   

            Unlike Neale Donald Walsch, with his famous Conversations with God series, where he started off with full blown conversations with what he calls God, most people who discover and develop this mode of spiritual contact, start off from more mundane levels.   In the author’s case – and he’s been at it for a lot longer than Walsch- it started with a few unintelligible scribbles, gradually traversing a range of spiritual entities until, after several decades, conversations with Higher Self, or God, came into being.

            This book will not only show people how to go about the process of developing the skill. It will provide helpful pointers based on the experience of the author’s forty years of practice.  It will give advice as to the hazards and pitfalls to be avoided.    And most of all, it will provide the reader with information from “The Man Himself,” the author’s Higher Self.

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