Arthur Thomas (Tom) Ware got into Automatic Writing gradually.   Unlike Neale Donald Walsch, he did not arrive full blown at the level where he could converse with the highest of spiritual entities - what Walsch calls God.   Rather, he started with the mundane and gradually improved the quality of what he was to receive over a period of many years.

Tom commenced Ghost Guidance in 1972.   In those days there was little acceptance of this sort of communication.  Indeed, if one wasn't careful, one could find oneself placed in a mental institution.   Even the universities, on the whole, were afraid to tackle this sort of para-psychology.   However, Tom perservered for over forty years.

This book is remarkable for the multiplicity of contacting entities.  In it, Tom has recorded messages from a psychiatrist, medical researcher, industrialist, a number of writers, an actor, even a mechanical engineer, as well as a number of philosophers to mention a few.   All of these have been anxious to provide us with what they regard as knowledge not commonly known to us on our earth plane at the time of their writing (late 1960s to early 1970s)

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